What is Preserved Lumber? - Wood Preservatives


Lumber and other wood products are an economical and renewable building resource. However, untreated lumber and other wood products are subject to attack by insects, micro-organisms, and decay fungi. To help ensure long-term structural performance, lumber and other wood products must be protected from its natural predators. Preserved wood is lumber or plywood that has been treated with wood preservatives to help protect it from termites and fungal decay. Wood preservation is the process by which lumber and other wood products are preserved.


Picture of a NatureWood Treated Deck


Wood Preservation Methods - There are a variety of lumber preservatives and application methods used around the world including high pressure impregnation, low pressure, and vacuum methods of preservative application, dip treatments and brush or spray-on application methods. The art of lumber and other wood products preservation is matching the best preservative and application method to the wood species and the end use of the finished preserved wood product. The goal of all involved in lumber preservation is the production of economical, durable, and readily available preserved lumber and other wood products for a wide variety of applications.